Video Professor’s Learn E-Bay (r) and Learn E-Bay (r) Advanced tutorials a hit with customers.

When John Scherer, CEO & Founder of Video Professor, Inc., was shooting his first commercial for the company’sLearn eBay® tutorial, frankly he was leery. “I was so used to talking about Video Professor, but all I seemed to be saying was eBay this and eBay that,” Scherer said. “I wondered if I was asking people to try my product or someone else’s!”

Video Professor teams with ESPN ™ to promote SpotsNation

ESPN™ is the leader, the innovator and just plain inventor of new ways to bring sports to fans and fans to sports. ESPN’s newest effort is SportsNation, hosted by Colin Cowherd andMichelle Beadle.

John Scherer joins the Navy!

Millions know John Scherer as the Video Professor. His commercials and infomercials have been seen by over 100 million people. What you may not know is that John Scherer is a patriot with a deep love for his country and appreciation for those who defend it.

It’s one of the reasons he joined the United States Navy’s Leaders to Sea program. It allows the Navy to “show its stuff” to business and civic leaders, and for those same leaders to see how the Navy manages and motivates the extraordinary mix of men and women who defend our nation.

From Op-Eds to parody, it’s all part of being John Scherer

John Scherer, the Video Professor, is known to millions of people through his commercials and infomercials. He’s part of pop culture, and a corporate CEO at the same time. As a CEO, John Scherer is a man of opinion, and has had recent Op-Eds published in prestigious publications including the Detroit Free Press, the Denver Business Journal and CNN Money.

John Scherer becomes “Auto” Professor

Millions of people know John Scherer as the Video Professor through his commercials and infomercials for his popular line of computer tutorials. Now in the company’s 22nd year, John understands business and the economy. He has over 10 million customers. Scherer also knows that sales are the key to the success of any business. John, like the rest of the nation, is concerned about the economic crisis facing the domestic auto industry.