In addition to promoting computer literacy through donations to American troops and the Peace Corps, John Scherer has also supported computer literacy with the following contributions:

Chickasaw Nation, Ardmore, OK

The Oklahoma-based Chickasaw Nation computer literacy project organizes donations of refurbished computers and software to be used by Native Americans in the region. Computer literacy among the Native American population is currently less than 10%, so to help increase that percentage, John Scherer was responsible for donating over 5,000 Getting Started with your PC lessons.

ComputerCorps, Carson City, NV

This non profit computer literacy project offers free computer classes to children and adults. John Scherer donated approximately 2,000 tutorials for numerous software titles to help students achieve optimal results.

Multi-Cultural Center, Green Bay, WI

The Multi-Cultural Center helps prepare individuals with office and computer skills so they are better equipped to enter the workforce. John Scherer has donated a variety of computer software tutorials to aid this endeavor.

Mercy Services Corporation Housing System, Seattle, WA

John Scherer provided over 500 tutorials to this organization in order to advance its computer literacy program. Numerous senior citizens, immigrants, and low-income families have benefited from Mercy Services’ educational programs and short-term lodging.

Calvary Bible Church Computer Ministry, Boulder, CO

This ministry works with Habitat for Humanity to distribute refurbished computers to each new Habitat homeowner. John Scherer donates tutorials to include with each computer.

Victory Junction Gang Camp, Randleman, NC

Victory Junction is a special camp that enriches the lives of children who suffer with chronic or life-threatening illnesses. John Scherer has donated 60 educational computer games to the camp’s computer lab.

Radio and Television News Directors Foundation, Washington, DC

John Scherer donated a complete Video Professor tutorial library to the annual Radio and Television News Directors Foundation auction. Its proceeds benefited scholarship programs sponsored by the foundation.

New Era Veterans, Bronx, NY

New Era provides single-room housing and vocational training to veterans who have found themselves homeless in the Bronx area. A full Video Professor tutorial library was donated by John Scherer to help these veterans learn the computer skills they need in order to reenter the workforce.

The Option Institute International Learning and Training Center, Sheffield, MA

This institute is dedicated to helping children and adults who are looking for hopeful solutions to special problems or difficulties. To help these individuals acquire computer skills while they overcome their personal obstacles, John Scherer donated several software tutorials.

Greater 1st Baptist Church, Washington, DC

When this church hosted its 1st Annual Computer Expo sponsored by IBM®, John Scherer was proud to donate almost 20 computer tutorials as door prizes for the event.

Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center, Milwaukee, WI

This rehabilitation center gets people off of the streets by offering them food, shelter, and clothing. Computer tutorials were contributed by John Scherer to advance the center’s educational program.

Modesto, CA

John Scherer donated $270,000 in Video Professor Online™ memberships to Modesto schools to help in their computer literacy efforts. To read a special story about this endeavor and the unique circumstance that brought it about.

“We try and focus on charities and groups that include computer literacy in their programs.”
– John Scherer