“If we all just pick one organization to help, even in the smallest of ways, the difference we’d make is significant.”

– John Scherer

Supporting Our Troops and Goverment
Having served in the Army Reserves as a young American, John Scherer is very patriotic. To show appreciation for our government and for the troops serving overseas, John Scherer is committed to providing them with support and encouragement. Below are a few examples of how John has helped.

Active-Duty Soldiers

Each active-duty U.S soldier may take advantage of receiving a free computer tutorial of their choice from John Scherer. There are over 35 titles to choose from, and tutorials are available for beginner, intermediate, and expert users.

Internet Café, Iraq

Because U.S. soldiers in Iraq sometimes wait in lines of 30 – 50 people just to use a computer so they can send e-mail to loved ones back home, John Scherer was happy to donate 30 PCs and computer tutorials to an Internet Café located in one of Saddam Hussein’s former palaces. This was made possible through an on-going relationship with the Habitat Thrift Store in Broomfield, Colorado.

Walter Reed Hospital

John Scherer donated a computer lab, complete with tutorials, to the Walter Reed Hospital in Washington D.C. This contribution is intended to give America’s troops and wounded veterans the opportunity to gain new and marketable skills as they transition back to civilian life.

The Soldiers’ Angels Project

The holidays can be a lonely time for American troops serving overseas, so to help ease their homesickness, John Scherer’s employees “adopted” 43 soldiers serving in Iraq last Christmas. Each week, letters and e-mails with words of friendship, gratitude, and support were sent to these brave men and women. Care packages filled with toiletries, games, and homemade goodies were also sent off each month as an ongoing expression of support.

United States Peace Corps

The Peace Corps received a donation of 2,000 Getting Started with your PC tutorials from John Scherer in 2004. Today, these tutorials are accessible to Peace Corps field representatives who are stationed around the world, and they have aided in countless computer literacy projects.

“We all need to do more than put a bumper sticker on our vehicles to support our troops. They provide us the luxury of going about our daily lives in safety and without fear.”

– John Scherer