John Has Done It All:
Retail, PR, TV, Social Media, the Internet
and now he wants to do it for you!




How will John Make You a Success?

You need someone you can trust … who will give you the straight scoop. You can use the advice of John Scherer who will honestly assess and tell you if there’s even a market for your product.

Use the RIGHT Marketing Channels.john_chair1

  • John knows the marketing channels that will make your next product launch a success. Retail? Ecommerce? Shopping Channels? Something else?
  • John knows where to go and how to put you there!
  • John will energize your target market. Once you’re in front of your customer what do you tell them that makes them buy?
  • John is the expert when it comes to getting the right message to your customer!
  • John has made a career getting the word out on products. It is critical to the sales process. He’ll show you how to do it for your product.
  • John is driven and relentless in his approach to your business success. If you share that passion …



What DRIVES You?


Frankly, John Scherer doesn’t work well with everyone.

If planning “time-off” sounds better than planning for building traffic to your website – John probably isn’t a good fit for you.

John Scherer has to know that he can confidently and passionately stand behind you and your product to help ensure its success.

John works well with business and product people who can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning. They don’t attend “Get Rich” seminars, or have shelves of books by authors who – well, frankly – write books but have never built a successful business like John.




Do You Lay Awake at Night asking Yourself these Questions:


  • What is the best way to Market My Company?
  • How do I Get My Idea or Products in front of the RIGHT People?
  • How do I know that I am spending my marketing dollars most effectively?
  • What is a sound business strategy to get my product to market?
  • Should I be on the Internet, in Social Media, TV?
  • Why aren’t More People coming to my Website?

If you have questions, John Scherer has answers – the right answers! John’s decided it’s time for others to benefit from his proven successful techniques.




Who is John Scherer

When John started his business, he had very limited resources. Every dollar had to count. So he found economical ways to success. He developed short-cuts, and quick tests that would get him fast results.

John Scherer is one of the most recognized and sought after direct marketing professionals in the country. John has launched hundreds of new products, driven almost a billion dollars in sales, developed some of the most memorable marketing campaigns, and created one of the country’s most recognizable brands.


If you need straight-talking business advice from a proven business and marketing leader,



Your Business Needs RESULTS!

… Your Business Needs John Scherer!



“Some people become experts by writing books,” says Scherer. “My success has been very hands-on. And I know using my approach; I can build success for others willing to benefit from my experience.”

For decades, Mr. Scherer has been seen every hour of the day and night saturating TV, Radio, Print and the internet using his highly effective laid-back demeanor. His successful track record includes selling products from Video Professor, to Coleman Outdoor Gear to GoDaddy. Mr. Scherer would typically reach over 100 million households dozens of times a week — each and every month – year after year.

Now Mr. Scherer wants to offer his straightforward and honest strategic marketing approach that makes the phone ring, and drives masses to websites where tens of millions have bought his products.

Today, John is helping other companies drive sales and brand recognition through his proven effective marketing strategies in the TV and Digital marketplace. If you’re looking to take your company to the next level, or even if you are just getting started, get in touch with John Scherer, and to see what he can do for your business!