When it comes to TV and infomercials John has been seen by over 100 million people and is one of the most recognizable people in the country.

John has genuine enthusiasm- He can demonstrate to other people your excitement for your products or services; his enthusiasm is infectious. Your audience will want to use your product that much more.

John can demonstrate- This means more than just “know the product”. You will be far more credible, especially in media, if your spokesperson can show your audience that they can really use it and demonstrate how it works in your customers’ day-to-day life. Send a clear message people understand to show how it really works.

John can anticipate the questions- John knows that people may be uncomfortable asking questions about something they are unsure how to use. He has the experience to anticipate those questions and integrate the answers into the presentation, enabling customers to make buying decisions.

John makes it appear simple- The reason John is one of the most successful infomercial spokespeople today is he can make any product look simple to use. If customers think it will take too much time, be too challenging to understand, they will shy away.

John makes a compelling case- Bottom line is the message must be relevant to your customer’s life. John makes that connection between your product and services to your customer.